About Lollipops To Lattes

You can read all the parenting books in the world but nothing prepares you for the true world of parenting like bringing home a small human being. I have learned more about life from my infant, baby and now growing toddler than I would ever have thought. 

Lollipops to Lattes is a blog about the whirlwind of being a parent. The good, the bad, the funny and the ugly (which is usually funny in retrospect). Come on you know you had a chuckle telling your best friend about the time your adorable munchkin stuck his/her finger in the dogs butt… after the fact of course. Here I will share with you the lessons and some entertaining moments from my life as “mommy”(and yes they might be gross).

This isn’t going to be some blog about how to be a great parent. Who in the world am I to write about that? Plus, there are tons of people ready to tell you what to do. I think everyone has to figure it out on their own by falling down a few times. I am by no means the perfect parent, but I do give it my all. Isn’t that all we can do as parents? I like to think so.

I hope I can provide some entertainment at least or some stories people can relate to. 
If nothing else, I know my family will like it :) 

Oh and to protect my family from embarrassment my daughter will be A , my husband will be the hubs, the baby in my tummy will be baby 2 until we know the sex and the we can be more creative and the dogs will appear as themselves, Spanky & Nemo.

*Special thanks to my friend MB for helping me come up with my snazzy title!