Friday, November 18, 2011

What in the world is "Gig-au-dia?"

Growing up my family has always used "Italian slang words" that aren't really Italian at all..
For example, eggplant camponata is called "Ga-ba-da-dean".  Marinara sauce is pronounced "Ma-da-nod". Why? I have no idea. Another word I grew up hearing was a word pronounced " Gig-au-dia". It is supposed to mean "nothing.". Why? I have no idea.

We took a family trip to Target for some Christmas decorations right after we all had dinner. My daughter ate 3 pieces (small) of pizza and as soon as we walk into target she immediately asks " Mommy do you have any snacks?"
What is that all about? She is full and wants no more dinner but the moment we clean the dishes, put away the food or step foot anywhere, she is suddenly hungry again.

I reply " A, you just had dinner. Mommy doesn't have any snacks."

A: "What's in your bag? Can I see?" (referring to my purse in the cart)

Me: Baby girl, I have Gigawdia!! (spoken in a dramatic and very poor Italian accent)

To which she replies innocently and sweetly...

A: "Can I have some of that?"

For the next 30 minutes I tried to explain that the term " Gigawdia" meant that I had 'nothing"... once she finally got it she continued to repeat the word over and over throughout the store. :)

Simply too cute...

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