Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drama Queen

Dinner time:
Me: A please finish your dinner and stop playing with your food. 
A: I just want to come over there and give you a quick hug! (This requires A to get out of her booster seat, come around the table for a big hug, only to need help getting back into the chair.)

Me: That is so sweet honey but I would rather you hug me after you finish your dinner.

A: But I am just gonna come over and give you a quick hug now first. (She comes on down for a big hug and then I help her back into her chair).

Me: Ok now please finish your dinner like a good girl ok? 

A: Ok but just stop being so dramatic.

You might ask yourself "How does a three year old know how to use that in the proper context?". She doesn't. After she said it I had to hide my face in a napkin while I laughed because she caught me so off guard and said it complete with hand motions and a smile. Later that night she told our bulldog Spanky to "stop being dramatic" when he wouldn't sit for a treat. 

So, we are back to being unclear about her level of genius I am afraid..... :) 
Only time will tell...

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